Meet Dr. Henry Cohen

Thankfully, while he was growing up in Bayside Queens, his parents understood that chiropractic care had its place in keeping their children healthy. Their chiropractor was always the practitioner of choice, except when yearly physicals or extreme emergencies warranted a trip to the pediatrician.
For Dr. Henry, the decision to become a chiropractor came after Dr. Henry graduated from Syracuse University, with a degree in psychology. He had started to work with mentally challenged children and was settled on returning to school to get a degree in physical therapy…until his family chiropractor suggested he consider Chiropractic College instead. And it was then that the light bulb went off in Dr. Henry’s head!

Chiropractic Journey Begins

He enrolled in Los Angeles Chiropractic College (now known as SCUHS), and it was there that he began to realize that the body had an innate ability to heal itself. Dr. Henry comments, “I discovered that when you remove any obstacles that stand in the way of this innate ability, health is progressively restored. If I could help patients with that, how wonderful would that be?”
After graduation, Dr. Henry returned to the east coast where he practiced as an associate to a chiropractor in Riverdale, for a year and a half. When he decided to go off on his own, he wanted to stay in New York because of family. He discovered the community of Larchmont and found a location (his first Larchmont office!) with street exposure, near a busier part of town. That was 1983, and since then, Dr. Henry has relocated his practice twice. In fact, he often describes his patients in terms of the number of offices they’ve been to – one, two or three-office patients. The longest-standing patient started two months into office number one!

What does Dr. Henry like best about being a chiropractor?

“Being thanked by a patient I’ve helped, especially one who has been in chronic pain. It’s what makes my profession so necessary and my job so rewarding,” he says. And the challenging part? “It’s always difficult when patients come in and expect immediate relief from a long-term health issue. There’s an education component to what we do, and trying to convince patients to stick around after the pain is gone for maintenance care can be difficult. Usually they ‘get’ it after a few relapses keep bringing them back in the door…I’d say about 40% of our practice now consists of wellness patients who just want to stay on an even keel, feeling good all the time!”

On a Personal Note…

Dr. Henry was also delighted that his daughter, Jillian, became a licensed massage therapist, providing some much-needed message therapy to patients who need some quality R&R time! Another interesting family tidbit? Dr. Henry was introduced to his wife, Pam, on a blind date arranged by one of his patients who used to commute to work with her quite a few years ago!
Now when he’s not helping patients on the road back to wellness, Dr. Henry can usually be found in engaging in his favorite hobby, gardening, where he finds serenity, joy and relaxation – as long as he can keep errant deer away from his prized vegetables! He also likes to read, cook, bike, play trumpet and listen to music. And, just as he advises his patients to do – he eats well, takes high-quality food-based supplements, exercises, gets adjusted, and maintains a very optimistic attitude about life in general. After all, he knows that’s key to staying healthy, especially when times are stressful.
To stay connected with the Larchmont community, Dr. Henry is a member of the Larchmont Lions Club. He holds a NY state chiropractic license and is a member of the NY Chiropractic Council and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), two organizations that help to advance the chiropractic profession.
Dr. Henry welcomes an opportunity to speak to you about ways to stay healthy and remove obstacles that stand in the way of living a happy, productive and pain-free lifestyle.

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