“Thanks for coming through at a very stressful time. You helped me a lot to get back on track!” ~ Charles S.

“I believe he was really experienced and caring. took lots of time to deeply understand the causes. he has prescribed exercise and advised on how I should be seated.” ~ Doaa F.

“My family and I are extremely satisfied with dr Cohen’s work. He helped my 3 month old daughter with her colics. It made a huge difference to get her adjusted as young as she was then. Great!” ~ Jan H.

“Love the table in Room 2. It’s magic!” ~Patricia O.

“As a long time part time resident I am so grateful to know that I can get excellent health care right in my own neighborhood. My level of care was beyond excellent in every way.” ~Maryellen P.

“I trust Dr. Cohen. My work related injury was painful. I would not have gotten through 40 hours per week of standing without my chiropractic care!” ~ Michelle A.

“My friend had been telling me about the miracle worker Dr. Cohen for the longest time due to the conversations we had shared regarding my fatigue and exhaustion and I finally decided to take her advice and went a couple of months ago. As a result, I am convinced by Dr. Cohen’s methods and the remedy he suggested, I am officially hooked and use his advice on a daily basis which has resulted in improving my overall health while giving me the energy and rejuvenation I needed.
Thank You Dr. Cohen, you really are a miracle worker.” ~ Maria A.

Renee Diamond

“I am thrilled about your holistic approach to the body, Dr. Cohen. We are more than the sum of our parts. I enjoyed my first visit with you and felt very good that evening and the next day both in my body and mind. I felt good about taking the step to get good care.

As a personal trainer, I now that it take several sessions to get to know someone’s body. The first session is oh, so general, however thorough and attentive. I am confident that as I continue to receive treatment from you that you will be able to understand how I tick. My yoga teacher is 95 and going strong. Just letting you know that that is my goal! Mind body and spirit health for a lifetime. You ready?” – Renee Diamond